I want to bring this Gucci tiny Bag All summertime Long—and It’s Under $1000!

The mystical, wonderful world that Alessandro Michele has produced at Gucci continues to be one of the most talked about in the fashion world as well as not without merit. Michele has a special knack for infusing archival motivation into his collections, however in a fresh, contemporary way. few designers are as skilled at this as Michele, who has definitely led the pack when it pertains to archival revivals. Gucci under Michele’s direction has such an unmistakable existence that bag enthusiasts can area a Gucci product from a mile away. as well as long before the brand’s present hit revival, the Horsebit 1955, there was the vintage-inspired Ophidia line, which introduced back in 2017 to much fanfare.

The Ophidia line ultimately broadened to include few different shapes as well as silhouettes, as well as unlike a few of the brand’s pricier leather offerings or the upscale Dionysus line, the Ophidia used entry-level choices that were spot-on as well as desired by a large variety of people. whatever about the Ophidia line enabled it to succeed. It completely encapsulated the brand’s visual identity as well as included a number of different kinds of silhouettes. Now, 4 years after its release the Ophidia line is still going strong as well as I’m consumed with the cutest new addition to the world of Ophidia.

Crafted from the House’s famous GG ultimate monogram canvas with the traditional red as well as eco-friendly Gucci web functioning as an accent, the Ophidia GG tiny bag is a statement maker all wrapped up in the best small package. The bag’s half-moon silhouette oozes a vintage charm as well as is similar to ’90s age crescent shaped bags. This tiny bag is an ode to the past in both its shape as well as its traditional print as well as yet it feels contemporary just the same, something that Michele is so skilled at. This bag features leather trim details as well as a little interior (7.9″W x 5.9″H x 2″D) which is to be expected, however I just adore it. I’d tuck this tiny under my arm all summertime long. purchase by means of Gucci for $920.

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