Tonight’s premiere of “It’s a Brad, Brad World” is just the beginning for Brad Goreski

Tonight season 2 of It’s a Brad Brad world kicks off on Bravo, but despite all the hubbub over the new season, the incredibly vivacious Brad Goreski told me he’s not tired; he’s just getting started. Brad has swiftly become a fixture in the fashion industry, first known for his previous role as Rachel Zoe’s style director. even though some people might still associate him with his old boss, it seems as though Brad’s occupation is expanding by the moment (and we couldn’t be happier.)

“I love being on TV and having the TV show, but there are all the other months of my life where I continue working.”

I had the opportunity to chat with Brad about his show, his life and anything else that pertained to mind, and the spunky and hunky Brad was just as fun, personable and open as he seems on TV. Of course, I started by asking his thoughts on handbags, because when you get to speak to the stylist of some of Hollywood’s leading ladies and gents (think Jessica Alba), you want to know what he has to say on the topic that we hold nearest and dearest. When asked about his favorite handbag trend for this spring, Brad says he’s all about pastels, “I really like all the pale colors that are happening, the pastel bags, light pink, light green, light blue. I think pastels are the new neutrals and they contrast to the bold colors we’ve seen in the past few seasons, This is very soft, romantic, and very fresh new palette for handbags.”

“I think pastels are the new neutrals.”

When it pertains to his recommendations for a great everyday bag, Brad says size is key, as you want to pick something that will fit all of your essentials. He also told me the trouble he has with finding his keys in his bag (don’t we all?), so having an interior zip pocket is a must. but his best little secret he shared with me was his love of bags inside of bags. Brad suggests using tons of pouches to separate all of your essentials, and then put those in your big bag. It’s a great way to compartmentalize your stash and a fun way to show your personality, he says.

“When I travel, I take all of my little bags, and compartmentalize my bags inside of my bag. I make it fun and let the little bags show my personality”

Brad and I continued talking about a lot more than just fashion, like his concern of leaving his oven on or a candle burning when he leaves his house, and that his favorite indulgences are facials and chocolate. From talking to Brad, it became clearer than ever that he absolutely loves what he does and feels lucky to call fashion his job. Some people might not know that his occupation started before Rachel Zoe; he also had internships at vogue and W magazine. another fun fact about Brad loves wearing anything with owls, according to hime, “Then I get to make daddy jokes, like isn’t this a HOOT.”

“I think people didn’t know that before Rachel Zoe there was other things that I had worked on. I really started off at the bottom, my occupation progression is actually quite logical”

For now, the young stylist is simply living his dream life. While he said there is always another plan in store, he plans to stay focused on styling his clients because that is the heart of his business. Brad didn’t policy out the idea of expanding his brand because he has the desire to keep growing and expanding, but ideal now he feels like he is just getting started. season 2 of It’s a Brad, Brad world premieres tonight on Bravo at 10 p.m., 9 central!

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